Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trapped in a yarn store?

The subtitle to this post should be "Fantasy or nightmare?" In general, being trapped in a yarn store would be an enjoyable experience. I can't leave? Oh, darn, let's just feel the fiber. But when trapped inside with a customer who hadn't intended to spend quite that much time and a FedEx delivery guy who cannot stand still, one does start to wonder if the hidden camera person is going to pop out of the classroom. Seriously, a FedEx guy? Oh, the comedic possibilities! The guy came in with one small box, not even yarn-filled, turned to leave and couldn't get the door open.

"Um, does your door stick?" he asked after repeated handle rattlings and some pushing and pulling. No, our door doesn't stick. Not like that, with such purpose and finality. It wouldn't even rattle within the door frame. When it became obvious that the door was definitely not going to open, the aforementioned customer called her husband who was at the bakery having a coffee. We also managed to flag down our regular UPS driver and sent him to fetch the landlord.

Long story short, someone did manage to get the door out of the frame to release the customer, the FedEx guy having jumped out the window. (Note: The store is firmly first-floor grounded.) The door latch had broken in the closed position, not to be released by mere handle rattling. Fortunately, one of our regular knitters Carol was there to keep me company and lend a calming presence. But I would seriously love to hear the story FedEx guy told once he got back to the station. "I was trapped in a yarn store and the door wouldn't open!" Sure you were buddy, sure you were...
- Sharlene


  1. is it bad of me to say roflol! i personally would love it ;)

  2. Wow! That actually would scare me a little. Last night I got trapped in a bathroom stall at the state fair when the latch got stuck in the closed position. While it was probably only for about a minute, it felt like a long time because my sons, ages 8 and 10, were outside in the animal pavilion waiting for me. I had a horrible sense of anxiety and feared having to crawl under the stall to freedom. Of the two scenarios, I would certainly choose the yarn shop over a public restroom at the fair. :-)