Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beta testing: Measurements

You may have heard Gayle and I mention that we are beta testing software for Amy Herzog called CustomFit. I have been looking forward to this since we contacted Amy, have knit my swatch and tentatively tried generating my first pattern. The hard part prior to the pattern generation is taking one's own measurements. Fortunately my partner in crime Gayle is ever at the ready and together we tackled this task. Even with instructions, taking measurements is hard! Why? I think the answer to that lies with the garment industry's one-size-fits-most approach to garments. We are used to being served with minimal choices. Women don't generally shop with measurements in mind, and the average shopper probably can't tell you her measurements beyond her bra size. (And don't get me started on that, since the media would have us believe that we are all walking around wearing ill-fitting bras.)

So, challenge accepted. Measurements taken. I am not sure they are 100% correct, but they can be tweaked further along in the process. Fingers crossed for a good fit!

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