Friday, April 18, 2014

Episode 60 - Inspiration

In addition to our usual segments, Gayle and I talk about inspiration. What kinds of things inspire you to choose projects? Colors? Fibers? Patterns? Photographs? We get inspiration from many places. Our surroundings, websites, color and fiber swatches and other knitters all provide fuel for the inspiration fire. We are both looking forward to the discussion about everyones' inspirations and hope you will join us over at our Ravelry group. Some links to our inspirations that can be found online can be found below. Enjoy!
- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
22 Little Clouds by Martina Behm
Sharlene's 22 Little Clouds
Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston
Gayle's Audrey in Unst
Red Robin Shawl by Helen Stewart
Gayle's Grey Robin Shawl

What are we stalking?
Sock Monkey tape measure cover by Justyna Kacprzak
Ravelry popular shawl list
Pagona by Steven West
French Cancan by Mademoiselle C
Brickless by Martina Behm
Zilver by Lisa Mutch
Secrecy by Hanna Maciejewska

What are we knitting?
Svalbard by Bristol Ivy
Sharlene's Svalbard
Sharlene's Striped Shawl
Viajante by Martina Behm
Laneway by Veera Valimaki
Flamingo Mitts by SpillyJane

What have we finished?
Winding Journey by Julianna Lund

Inspirations: What inspires us and our knitting, crafting, and in general?

Color inspirations can be found here:
Design Seeds
Pantone color website, scroll down to see the color of the day

Nature inspirations including:
Flowers, plants,  beach, the ocean, the sand
Flowers and leaves combinations, stormy skies

Souvenirs, post cards & note cards

Sharlene's Instagram feed
Gayle's Instagram feed
National Forests
Clark Little Gallery
Yosemite National Park

Ravelry friend activity and neighbors

Stash and Burn podcast

Episode 60 audio link

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Episode 59 - Spring break edition

Spring break was this week, and my computer and knitting time has been extremely limited. As I was getting my show notes together I realized I hadn't been doing much pattern stalking and my wips haven't seen much action. Gayle has been traveling and though she has had the luxury of airport and airplane knitting, she hasn't been doing much stalking either. But we do have a few tidbits to share with you and hope you will enjoy and find something useful!

We chat about a new single-ply superwash fingering yarn on the market from Dream in Color. We are also giving away a skein, so be sure to visit our group on Ravelry to enter for a chance to win!
- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
Imagine When by Joji Locatelli
Aniron Tunic by Luise O'Neill
Red Robin Shawl by Helen Stewart

What are we stalking?
Big Bold Chevron Curtain by Tamara Kelly
Easy Crochet Owl by Jaquie Bunny Mummy
Tape Measure cozies on Ravelry
Tiny Turtle Tape Measure by Sophia Zhu
Clincher by Ash Kearns
Fireflies Rising Shawlette by Helen Stewart
Drifting by Cecily Glowick MacDonald

What are we knitting?
Viajante by Martina Behm
Svalbard by Bristol Ivy
Barley by tincanknits
Winding Journey by Juliana Lund
Flamingo Mittens by SpillyJane
Laneway by Veera Valimaki

What have we finished?
Dish Scrubbie by Sharlene
Sea Anemone Scrubbie by Sharlene
Kitimat by Kayla Sparkes
Fisher Cable Hat by Lindsey Felice
Naughty Bohemian Little Black Skirt by Leslie Petrovski
Jeweled Cowl by Sachiko Amura
Gayle's Jeweled Cowl

Dream in Color Jilly yarn
New colors for 2014

Episode 59 audio link

Click here for episode 59 audio.

Remember, depending on your browser and connection speed, the audio may take a few minutes to fully load.