Friday, March 27, 2020

Episode 215 - Knitting while sheltering in place

Gayle and I are sheltering in place right now, spending lots of time on Ravelry chatting in the forums, stalking, and giving those little hearts. We're both working from home when possible, and exploring online resources for cooking, books, museums, and movies. I hope everyone is finding ways to reach out to others, stay healthy, and support those essential workers who are allowing many to shelter at home. Stay safe everyone and go wash your hands! Happy knitting!
- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose
Sharlene's Ranunculus
No. 10 from Önling
Gayle's Ranunculus
Zweig by Caitlin Hunter
Gayle's Zweig
Sharlene's Zweig

What are we stalking?
Purple Coke Sweater by Katrin Schneider
Purple Coke by Katrin Schneider
Spring is in the Air by Hinterm Stein
Enkel ribbelue by Wenche Roald
The Throwover by Andrea Mowry
Carlina Pullover by Whitney Hayward
Pappus Pullover by Midori Hirose

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What are we knitting?
Bits and Bobs by Kay F. Jones
Goldfish Memory by Casapinka
Elorie by Elizabeth Doherty
Dawe by Amy Miller
Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart
BlueSand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie
Fairy Dust by Dani Sunshine

What have we finished?
Magnolia Chunky Cardigan by Camilla Dad
Tamarugo by Anna Hintikka
Bits and Bobs by Kay F. Jones

The SIKAL has been extended to May 1 at least!
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Friday, March 13, 2020

Episode 214 - Choosing a Cast-on

What are we wearing?
Maypop Hoodie by Susanna Winter
The Throwback by Andrea Mowry

What are we stalking?
Borb the Crow by Verdandi Skov
Eezra by Rosa P
Swinside by Becky Baker
Wool & Berries by Joji Locatelli
Hazeldene by Xiaowei Design
Long Love by Ankestrick

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What are we knitting?
Goldfish Memory by Casapinka
Bits and Bobs by Kay Jones
Blue Sand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie
February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Magnolia Chunky Cardigan by Camilla Dad

What have we finished?
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose
No. 10 from Önling
No. 11 from Önling
Sorrel by Wool & Pine
Magical Mermaid Hat by Kristy Griffard

There are lots of different cast-ons that knitters can use. Like Gayle and I, perhaps you have a few that are your "go to" cast-ons. But there are a few situations where you might benefit from learning and using a different or new-to-you method of casting on. In this segment, we discuss some of the options out there, and why you might choose to use a different cast-on from your usual method.

Episode 214 audio

Click here for episode 214 audio.