Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Ravelry group

We've created a Ravelry group here. You need to be logged into Ravelry to join the group. If you are a Ravelry member, you know what to do. We hope to use the group to get to know other like-minded knitters who understand the joy of pattern and project stalking!

Episode 2 has been recorded and is coming soon. I talk briefly about ripping out a sweater I made years ago and never wear or wore. Gayle shares some great hat patterns she's been working on and finished. We hope you will join the conversation!


  1. Loving your podcast! Just started listening over the holidays. Thank you! You mention a Saturday knitting zoom every so often. Is it ongoing? I can't seem to find info about it; I looked in Ravelry group etc. Please help if you have a chance. Happy knitting! Susan

  2. Hi Susan! The Zoom information is pinned to the top of the group discussion board in a thread entitled "Zoom VKN Saturday" and you can click on the link from there. Thanks for asking. I am not able to email you directly as this was sent to me from noreply. :)