Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gone Stitchin'

Yesterday Gayle and I spent the day at the much-anticipated event Stitches West. We went prepared. Having attended this large-scale yarn feeding frenzy for many, many years we had our checklist:

Water? √
Snacks? √
Knitting? √
Ibuprofen? √
Note paper and pen? √
Patterns? √
Shopping lists? √
iPod, lip gloss, cash, etc, etc. √√√

It felt a bit like preparing to run away from home, but sometimes it's the little things that can make or break an outing. Knitters gotta be prepared.

We met a few new and new-to-us vendors, picked up a prize for a future listener raffle, met a brave listener who came up and introduced herself, and had lovely chats with many, many knitters. Full recap to come. And of course, a few skeins and bobbles made their way home with us.

In the car on the way home as we chatted about our knitting I noticed we both had some new ideas, new inspirations, and were quite excited to cast on something new. Well worth the price of admission!

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