Friday, May 31, 2024

Episode 323 - Depilling your knitting

Just a reminder that the annual Colors of Fall Knit-Along starts on or about June 20, the day of the June Solstice in your area!

What are we wearing?

Donner by Elizabeth Doherty

Sharlene's Donner

The Squam Sweater by Elizabeth Doherty

Gayle's Squam

What are we stalking?

Smaragd by Svetlana Volkova

Salty Air Tee by Samantha Guerin

Flower Street Wrap by Sweater Freak

Audria Shawl by Inece Sang

Fabel Sweater by Thea Rytter

Milano by Carol Sunday

What are we knitting?

Brooklyn Raglan Lite by Tori Yu

On the C Train by Espace Tricot

Test knit sweater in pieces

Archer by Elizabeth Doherty

Thank you to our sponsor Jimmy Beans Wool.

What have we finished?

Ranunculus by Midori Hirosi

Sharlene's Ranunculus

Colby by Elizabeth Doherty

Basiita Beanie by Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Pilling. We've all had a sweater, shirt, or even exercise-wear fabric that pills. What can be done about those frustrating pills and how do you remove them?

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