Thursday, January 14, 2021

Episode 236 - Happy 9th anniversary to us!

Thanks so much for being a listener of The Yarniacs Podcast! If you've listened for a length of time you may know that a few years ago Gayle and I started celebrating our podcast anniversary with a special episode. Largely because if we didn't put it on our calendar and plan something, we'd forget and the date would pass unnoticed as it did for the first few years.

Top stories

Our anniversary episode is a different episode—none of our regular segments. We hope you will enjoy this different episode and promise to be back next time with more stalking and project talk. Enjoy!

How COVID and the Pandemic affected worldwide wool prices

Knitter’s Pride Mindful Collection Swivel Interchangeable Cords

Knitting Belts
Knitters who lever knit, also known as Irish Cottage Knitting, where you hold a long knitting needle under your arm, can use a knitting belt to hold the needle. This takes the weight of the knitting off your hands. Can be useful when recovering from a hand/thumb injury.


Fashion news

Folklore Cardigan by Amy Gunderson

Man starts knitting group to help people recover from drug addiction

Health benefits of knitting (especially during the COVID year)

Knitting for a mood booster

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