Friday, December 6, 2019

Episode 207 - Knitting and Life Lessons from 2019

What are we wearing?
Walpole by Hannah Fettig
Clio by Elizabeth Doherty
Gayle's Clio le Deux

What are we stalking?
Asé by Valentina Cosciani
Neverín by Valentina Cosciani
Lichen by Valentina Cosciani
Chinese New Year Sheep/Lamb by Stephanie Jessica Lau
Spring Bunnies by Stephanie Jessica Lau
Dotty Cardigan by Stephanie Jessica Lau
Rosewood Cardigan by Stephanie Jessica Lau
Elephant Park by Gabrielle Danskknit

Thank-you to our sponsor this month!

What are we knitting?
Jessica Jones by Sminé
Puntilla by Joji Locatelli
Blue Sand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie
Wee Melia by Ysolda Teague
My Cup of Tea Mitts by Fluffy Fibers

What have we finished?
Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae Martinson
Sharlene's Ripple
Tiny Boats by Elizabeth Doherty
Gayle's Tiny Boats
Skyping Beanie by Halldora J
Gayle's Skyping Beanie

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