Friday, August 30, 2019

Episode 200 - Honoring and celebrating our podcast colleagues

We think 200 episodes is a fairly impressive number to have in our catalog! In honor of reaching this milestone, we want to honor and celebrate our podcast colleagues who have inspired us, taught us, and befriended us on this journey. Enjoy!

The History Chicks
KnitCast from Marie Irshad
Stash and Burn from Jennie and Nicole

Fluffy Fibers
What is boba tea?

Never Not Knitting from Alana Dakos
Gayle's story on Never Not Knitting: Episode 27
The Sweater "not meant for me"
Sharlene's stonechat hat, sweater, and shawl

Thank-you to our sponsor infinite twist!

The Knitmore Girls from Jasmin and Gigi
The Knit Girllls from Leslie and Laura

DoubleKnit Podcast from Erin and Jessica
GLOW from Netflix
The Office, currently available on Netflix

Stockinette Zombies from Megan and Amy

Curious Handmade from Helen Stewart
Stitches Salt Lake CityWestern Sky Knits booth 720

Joji's Journal from Joji Locatelli
Las Knitting Amigas from Joji Locatelli

2 Knit Lit Chicks from Barb and Tracie

The cookbook Gayle has been using:

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