Friday, May 25, 2018

Episode 167 - Knitting the colors of Fall 2018

Though I don't consider myself to be fashion forward in what I choose to wear--you will usually find me in jeans and t-shirts--I do have fun watching fashion trends and fashion designers and their work. I also love color, and the Pantone fashion colors and colors of the year are always fascinating. Sometimes they are right on, sometimes not so. But I often find the colors readily available as ready-to-wear clothing and in yarn palettes from the major dyers. With this in mind, we start our annual Colors-of-Fall Knit-A-Long. In this episode, we introduce the colors, and talk about some fashion trends we've spotted online. Enjoy! #yarniacsCOF2018 #yarniacs #yarniacspodcast
- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
Newsom by Bristol Ivy
Djinni Sock from Dragonfly Fibers
Waits by Bristol Ivy
Yoga Shawl by Andrea Mowry

What are we stalking?
A Girl's Best Friend by Isabel Kraemer
Pabaigh by Kate Davies
Kettle Valley Poncho by Marsha Ibuki

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What are we knitting?
The Easy One by Joji Locatelli
Jessica Jones by Sminé
Fading Point by Joji Locatelli
Slade by Michele Wang

What have we finished?
Jujuy by Joji Locatelli
The Authentic Collection by Joji Locatelli 

Pantone Fall 2018 New York colors
Pantone Fall 2018 London colors

Some links for Fall 2018 fashion trends:
The queen wore neon!
Michael Kors Fair Isle sweater
The whole Michael Kors Fall 2018 collection
Demin trends for Fall 2018
Fingerless gloves from Chanel
The colors of fall as seen through stock photography

The dates for the 2018 Colors of Fall Knit-a-long will be from
June 21, the summer solstice in the PST through
Sept 22, the fall equinox in the PST

The Ravelry group discussion can be found here.

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