Friday, August 18, 2017

Episode 147 - Summertime and the knitting's easy

Last night I noticed it was getting dark earlier. Fall is a subtle season, sneaking up on us a few minutes each day. In my neighborhood, I noticed a tree that was already losing leaves. Bunches of leaves were blowing down the street in the late summer afternoon breeze. It is late summer's twilight, and though the temperatures are still high, soon we will be pulling out warmer clothing, blue jeans; jackets; and long sleeves. Maybe a warm sweater or shawl. If you've been knitting something for The Yarniacs Colors of Fall KAL it is time to start figuring out your outfits and how to photograph your look. We've got about a month of knitting time left, so get those WIPs out and start thinking about Fall. It's just around the corner.

What are we wearing?
Ghost Gardens Shawlette by Kelene Kinnersley
Sharlene's Pansy Garden shawl
Confetti by Veera Välimäki
Gayle's Coast yarn Confetti

What are we stalking?
Lines Cowl and Hat by Amy Jade Creations
Colliope Cowlette by Carina Spencer
Perkins Cove Pullover by Pam Allen
Nelson Pullover by Irina Anikeeva
Sikuli Shawl by Vanessa Ewing
Paulie by Isabell Kraemer
Viewpoint by Anne Ginger
Chèvre by Anne Ginger

What are we knitting?
Dodging Rain Drops Cowl by Vanessa Ewing
Divvy by JumperCables
Marklee by Elizabeth Doherty
Outing Shawl by Irene Lin
Painted Pixels Blanket by Susan Carlson
Peer Pressure by Celia McAdam Cahill
Cherry Bloom by Lena Tosti

What have we finished?
Diagonal Ribbed Cowl by Mel Clark
Sharlene's Ribbed Cowl
Serpentina from Manos del Uruguay
Ghost Gardens Shawlette by Kelene Kinnersley
Hood on the Moon by Katrin Schneider
Bifrost by Cate Carter-Evans
Prairie Socks by Kay Jones

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Where are they now?
C3 by Annie Modesitt
Sharlene's C3
Jenica Hoodie by Joji Locatelli
Gayle's Jenica

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  1. Hi
    I knit th Perkins cove in Meadow by the Fibre Co. it came out beautiful. I had two fellow knitters who made it with cap sleeves from the same yarn. Very easy fast knit.