Friday, April 28, 2017

Episode 139 - Knitting up 2014

What are we wearing?
Svalbard by Bristol Ivy
Sharlene's Svalbard
Peasy by Heidi Kirrmeier
Gayle's Peasy

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What are we stalking?
Tokonatsu Pullover by yamagara
Holey Comfort by Jutta von Hinterm Stein
Björkö Shawl by Anna Friberg
Color Field by Kemper Wray

What are we knitting?
Kline Shawl by Jennifer Dassau

Yellow Brick Road by Ela Torrente
Divvy by JumperCables
Confetti by Veera Valimaki
Cherry Bloom by Lene Tosti

What have we finished?
Rhilea by Suvi Simola
Divvy by JumperCables

Colors of Fall 2017 discussion
Marklee by Elizabeth Doherty
Elle's Fall 2017 fashion trends
Harper's Bazaar Fall 2017 fashion trends
Cosmo's Fall 2017 trends
Vogue's Fall 2017 trends


  1. You two are great! Just found you, have listened to the two most recent. I LOVE that: you post links on the blog, you talk about ripping out and starting over cause you don't like the fabric, you tell us the crazy critter antics resulting in weird sounds instead of editing it out, and other stuff, but this is too long. THANKS! Going to go binge listen now💕

  2. I also just found your podcast (I'm late to the podcast game) and I absolutely love it! I'm heading over to check your revelry group now!! I love how real you are and adore the links to your stalking, working, and finishing. ❤ I'll be listening to you faithfully!