Friday, May 29, 2015

Episode 89 - Spring stitching

When life is crazy and I am pulled in many directions, my knitting time decreases and my projects and productivity suffers. Sadly, during the crazy time is when I need the quiet comfort of my knitting to keep me sane. Quiet stockinette to sooth the nerves! The season is changing, spring is moving on to summer, and many of us experience some subtle shift in our routine at this time of year. Here's hoping we can all find a little bit of time and space to stay connected to and through our knitting.
- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
Striped shawl
Literally Over the Top by Megan Williams
Gayle's Literally Over the Top
Sharlene's Literally Over the Top

What are we stalking?
Antler by Ankestrick
Tails by Lori Versaci
Spring in Her Path by Mary Annarella
Kate's Poncho by Nice and Knit
Snug too by Hinke

What are we knitting?
Woodfords by Elizabeth Doherty
Little Sister's Dress by Tora Frøseth
Verdure Shawlette by Fluffy Fibers
Focus Dress by Meiju K-P

What have we finished?
Helena by Alison Green
Gayle knit more of her mittens for her Advent calendar
Traveller Tunic by Joji Locatelli
Gayle's Traveller Tunic

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