Friday, November 28, 2014

Episode 76 - Happy Thanksgiving

Thankgiving is upon us, the "official" start of the holiday season. For some, this means a lengthened "to do" list--more responsibilities, more tasks, more shopping, more events, and more stress. Some of us add gift-knitting or crafting to the list as well. Whether you are one of those knitters or not, remember to take the time to enjoy this season, to smile and laugh, and to make your knitting and crafting time a place of contentment and relaxation. Happy knitting!

What are we wearing?
Headlands test knit
Gayle's Idlewood
Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

What are we stalking?
Woodfords by Elizabeth Doherty
Warm Wishes Hottie Cover by Helen Stewart
Willow Creek by Justyna Lorkowska
Ellery by Jenn Emerson

What are we knitting?
Simple socks
swatching with Neighborhood Fiber Company studio worsted
Skiff (hat) by Jared Flood
Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura (yarn)
Ease by Alicia Plummer
Snowball Buddies by Susan Claudino

What have we finished?
Magnolia Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
Sharlene's Magnolia
Fuego Hat by Justyna Lowkowska
Mochimochi Snowmen by Anna Hrachovec
Monstermitts by Julia Allen
Gayle's mitts
Crochet Penguin Hat by Sarah Zimmerman
Gayle's Penguin hat

Pattern giveaway!
In the spirit of the season, we are giving away a few electronic versions of patterns that have been donated by some wonderful designers. First, we have the  Knitvent 2014 series from Helen Stewart. You can enter to win in our Ravelry group here. If you would like to purchase the series now, Helen has generously offered a coupon code for Yarniacs listeners. Use code: yarniacs25 for a discount through the end of November.

Brenda Castiel has generously offered your choice of her self-published patterns, as well as discount code: PODCAST for 25% off of her self-published patterns through December 31, 2014.

We also have the Aila Grace shawl from  Jennifer Lasonde, and the Lady Lallybrock mitts from Laura Ballard.  May the odds be ever in your favor! :)

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