Friday, October 31, 2014

Episode 74 - Happy Halloween with a side of PSA

As I sit down with show notes on this day of spooks and treats it is starting to rain a bit. If you have been listening to the podcast or hearing the news about the extreme drought we have in California, this is mixed tidings, as we need the rain, but it is also the evening of trick-or-treating. My guess is that the rain will have packed up and moved on by the time the small ghouls and goblins are out--rain rarely lasts long here--but that remains to be seen.

I mention Halloween because I happen to own the quintessential Halloween advertising animal, a black cat. When we adopted Boo, we were told by the shelter staff that black cats and dogs are the least adopted color at most animal shelters. Boo was the last adopted kitten from his litter, also the only all-black kitten in the litter. Folks want cats with some color or markings we were told. Previous to our Boo adoption, I had no clue about this color bias, but some internet sleuthing revealed that it is indeed a fact. So, if you are ever in the position to adopt a shelter animal, that is one tiny fact to keep in mind. Consider it a friendly PSA (public service announcement) for black cats and dogs. :)

If you have some ideas for quick holidays gifts, please click on through to our Ravelry group and share them there. Happy knitting!

What are we wearing?
Raiun by Kirstin Johnstone
Sharlene's Raiun
Gayle's Vitamin D
Liesl by Julie Weisenberger
Gayle's Liesl

What are we stalking?
Odaki by Kirstin Johnstone
French Cancan by Mademoiselle C
Campside by Alicia Plummer
Custom Fit by Amy Herzog
Ease by Alicia Plummer
Armande by Andi Satterland
Monstermitts by Julia Allen
Monster Cowl by Julia Allen

What are we knitting?
Magnolia Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
test knit for Elizabeth Doherty (link to her design page)
Stockinette socks
Monomania by Ann Weaver
Inner Peace by Joji Locatelli
Field of Wildflowers by Joji Locatelli
Painted Pixels Blanket by Susan Carlson

What have we finished?
Pebble Beach Shawlette by Helen Stewart
Sharlene's Pebble Beach
simple crochet washcloths
Field of Wildflowers by Joji Locatelli
Sharlene's Wildflowers hat
Jaywalker (socks) by Grumperina
Sharlene's Crazy Jaywalkers
Daughter approved by Susan Ashcroft
Gayle's Daughter approved
Kaweah Hat by Veronica Parsons
Odd Stripes (hat) by Joji Locatelli
Gayle's Odd Stripes

Quick(ish) Gifts
Oh So Soft Baby Washcloth by Theresa Grant

Barley by tincanknits
Golden Pear by Melissa Thomson
Kitimat by Kayla Sparkes
Hermione Hearts Ron by Christy Aylesworth
A Little Lonely Cable by Joji Locatelli

Easy Fingerless Mitts by Roxanne Richardson
ZigZag Fingerless Gloves by Whole Earth Education
Commuter Fingerless Mittens by Stephanie Sun

Rachael's ISBN Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cozy by Rachael Herron
Minikins by Wooly Wormhead
Tea Toters by Julie Tarsh

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