Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Devin Wristlet by Namaste Inc.


We received an eggplant Devin Wristlet from Namaste Inc. for review. You can listen to the audio review at the end of Episode 34, or you can read my review here. I have been using Namaste products for a while, and was thrilled to give the Devin a test drive.

The first feature immediately noticeable is the beautiful color. I am a purple girl, so I chose the eggplant, but there are lots of colors to satisfy your changing moods. The PVC-free vegan faux leather is slightly textured, and doesn't have a plastic feel to it in my humble opinion. All the top-stitching was finished perfectly, without any loose stitches or threads.

Inside the Devin Wristlet, there are two main compartments, separated by a large zippered security pocket. One side of the bag hosts credit card or business card sized slots and a smaller zippered security pocket. The other side has two slot pockets sized for an iPod and/or phone.

The interior fabric is gray PET microsuede which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It feels soft to the touch and has worn well on the Namaste bag that I have been using for a few months. The gray color is an attractive neutral and useful too, as I do not care for either dark or printed bag interiors, both of which make it difficult for me to see the contents of my bag. Again, the top-stitching was all finished perfectly, with no loose stitches or threads.

All three of the zippers functioned perfectly without any stickiness or loose zipper teeth. The big color-coordinated zipper that closes the bag has a nice-sized ring that you can grab easily. I found that occasionally the ring slips inside the bag and I would just poke my finger into the bag to push the zipper open without using the pull ring.

I noticed the middle security pocket is lined with a different fabric, something that seems a little more dirt resistant than the microsuede. I am guessing that this pocket would probably stand up to spot cleaning and is intended for (sometimes dirty) paper money and coins.

I think I will be using my Devin as a smaller bag to put inside of a tote when I need to carry several items like a knitting project, water bottle, etc. The Devin is the perfect size to carry in to the store or when running errands. Gayle also notes it is roomy enough to put your sunglasses in as well, making it the perfect grab-and-shop size, safely keeping credit cards, money, phone, and sunglasses in one spot.

The wrist strap is easily removable and you can always clip your keys on the external ring as well.

Overall, it is a great little bag that both of us find to be very functional, as well as pretty! Yarniac approved! :)

- Sharlene

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