Friday, December 28, 2012

Signature Needle Arts

You can hear us talk about Knitting Needles by Signature Needle Arts in episode 26, but if you would like to read our review rather than listen, I will post our comments here.

We speak specifically about a set of US1(2.25mm) double point needles, and sizes US1(2.25mm) and US6(4.0mm) circulars.

Upon opening the package, the first thing that strikes you is that the needles are beautiful to look at. Upon initial inspection, they appear to be a well-crafted, quality product. The dpns were shipped in a little gift bag. The US1(2.25mm) double point needles felt slightly flexible to Sharlene, similar in the way that bamboo double point needles are slightly flexible. The needles feel cold to the touch.

Knitting with the double points feels very slippery. We both experienced needles slipping out of our stitches. The tips are very sharp. I think the set we have has the stiletto points. There are instructions included for shipping the needles which warn how to keep tips sharp, so some caution may be needed to store them properly. The slip and the sharp tips may benefit different types of knitting or knitters. For example: fast knitters will probably like the slippery feel and the stiletto tips may be a benefit for lace knitting. Overall we both agree that the metal feels different from other metal needles we have used. The Signature Needles feel silky and possess a matte finish compared to other metal needles.

Gayle LOVES the circulars, especially the smooth needle tips. Again, I think the needles we are testing are the pointier stiletto tips. The cables are very flexible which Gayle also loves. She has experienced other needle brands becoming kinked when stored, and these cables haven't kinked. Sharlene is most impressed with how smooth the joins are at the needle to cable transition area. This cable also feels secure, and she isn't worried about the cable breaking, or pulling loose from the needle, which has been a recurring problem for her with other needle brands. Gayle didn't have to stop to readjust her fabric or twist the needles inside the stitches because of the fluidity of the cable.

Different size needles are manufactured in different colors. You can easily visually identify your needles if you know the color of each size.

Prices vary depending on size, tip, and cable length or needle style. Customers can purchase single needles in case of loss. We both agree that these needles are in the high-end range of knitting needle pricing. How to justify the cost? Whether or not the needle is worth it to an individual knitter is obviously a personal decision. It may be difficult to invest in a pair sight unseen. Perhaps invest in the size of needle that you use most often. We both think if you have a chance to try out these needles it is definitely worth a test drive.

Our thanks to Signature Needle Arts for spreading the Signature Needle love and enabling us to share your wonderful product with our listeners.

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