Monday, March 26, 2012

Sometimes the body is weak

I have been excited working on my Traveling Sweater and watching the whole thing come together. The construction is completely different from anything I've knit before. It is like figuring out how to fold an origami piece. Anyone who knows my knitting tastes knows I fall hard for unusual construction! But after a rainy weekend with a few basketball games thrown in for extra knitting time it has taken a toll on my wrists. I have tendonitis in these old paws and though it doesn't flare often, yesterday I had to admit I was a little sore.

Multiple project syndrom to the rescue! The Ginkgo shawlette came out of hiding and I finished the knitting last night. Nice and light and didn't at all bother the wrists. Gayle just texted me that she spent some time today working in the garden and her hands are sore. Maybe she'll be reaching for something in a lighter vintage tonight as well.

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