Monday, January 9, 2012


The perfect yarn.

Does such a thing exist? Every knitter has a favorite yarn. But every knitter knows that their perfect yarn is not perfect for every project. So we knitters tend to hold dear several favorite yarns. We have a perfect sock yarn. Or a perfect wool blend. A perfect yarn for outerwear. Sometimes even one skein of too-precious-to-use perfectly dyed yarn. (You know you have one!)

Once you have the perfect yarn though, you need an accompanying perfect project. But the perfect project is a dynamic concept--always changing and occasionally slipping away. Varying styles, colors, and seasons come into play. So the search is always on.

But we are willing to accept the challenge. The constant search for the perfect yarn, matched with the perfect project.

Who are we? Two knitting besties in search of the perfect yarn. Bring it!

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